Blurred Vision

I wear contact lenses. And glasses I guess, but they are only for the 10 minutes before going to, and getting up out of, bed – my contacts go in the rest of the time. 

But, I still need glasses that are of the right prescription just in case I can’t wear contacts for any reason (I once had a horrible three months where I had an eye infection and could only wear glasses and I hated it). 

The ones I have are many years old and probably wouldn’t keep me legal on the road, so I dragged Adam in to the opticians to help me find a new pair. 

Long story short, I was trying on some Cath Kidston frames (who knew!) and was happy with the view from the front. The sides however, of course, had a floral Cath Kidston pattern. I decided I didn’t mind that, but the thoughts that then popped into my head really pissed me off. 

I just imagined Becky (work bitch: see previous posts) seeing them from the side during a meeting and barely containing her joy at finding yet another reason to slag them/me off to her newest clique-member.

I hate this. She is properly in my head and always when I least expect it. I’ve been out of that place for 8 weeks now (damn – only 10 to go…) and she is one that comes to mind most often.

Maybe I should get some counselling; nip that bit of anxiety in the bud (stuff about the neighbours) and get work bitch out of my mind.

Now that Adam is off work, we are trying to get into a proper routine of doing the ‘right things’: eating well, exercising, roughly pre-planning our days so we don’t waste them, working on the house, daily flossing even! I’m hoping that this will lead to a healthier-minded Claire as well as a healthier-bodied one.

As always, we shall see!


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