Today has not been a good day. 

In terms of the house, it’s been fine – Adam has done an amazing job of clearing the rooms ahead of the man that is coming tomorrow to break, then fix, some of our problems. 

But I’ve not been able to help him as I have broken myself. 

During house-prep works on Monday I managed to throw myself down the front door steps. I hit the pavement and immediately shouted to Adam that “it’s bad, it’s bad”, and it felt it. I really thought I’d broken my left ankle.

After a call to my Dad to get a lift to the hospital I calmed down and realised it can’t be broken as it wasn’t complete agony.

Once my Dad was stood down and I was moved indoors, ankle elevated, it was Googled to be a bad sprain.

It’s been two days since and I have much more movement back, am able to walk around on it (hobbling) and it seems I can drive (around the block anyway).

But, it is probably very unlikely I can run any laps at the Cotswold 24hr Relay this weekend. Only something we’ve had booked, and been looking forward to, for months.

And that only really occurred to me about an hour ago when I had a little cry. 

This was probably as I was already made upset by the fact my Dad had been called into a London hospital to receive some scan results when normally we visit a local one. The appointment is tomorrow but they only told us this morning. This doesn’t bode well. And I’m worried. I really hope I am proved wrong and I can laugh it off tomorrow afternoon and just go back to being upset and disappointed about the weekend. 

If I don’t cover at least one lap our team time doesn’t count in the competition. So maybe I’ll take a night lap where I can walk incredibly slowly the 9km distance while the others take a nice long nap!?

As always, this is a watch-this-space moment. 

I want to get drunk right now…


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