History Repeating Itself?

Yesterday, at work, I went into the toilets and cried. I didn’t intend to – I walked away from my desk to walk away from what I had just seen, and once in the bathroom I just started. It wasn’t massive wailing hysterics, but just a slow sob with fat tears. They’d got to me again. Once […]

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Ventures into Ketosis

Post-Stort30, Adam wanted to give ketosis* a try as a new way of eating, and teaching his body to burn fat and not carbs so he can improve his running endurance. The plan was to start a week after Stort (having a full week of recovery), so that is what he did. Me too. We […]

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Thoughts & updates

Updates: QTGTAHCW – good and bad on this: I have been eating better – salads at lunch, fruit for snacks, even fruit and yogurt for breakfast, but the weight has gone up. There is a ‘but’ (see later). Running – I have started back up on this! Yep – I have got out there. Normal […]

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QTGTAHCW – week 1

> Quest to get to a Happy-Claire weight, week 1 If you read my Decluttering post you know I am making some changes. Some of this is house and job-related, some of it is body-related. This will not become a blog about dieting and food etc. so don’t run away yet, but better-eating is something […]

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