Best Laid Plans

At the beginning of this year I planned to complete one half marathons every month in 2017. I started off well, with seven runs run by the first week of July. And then I sprained my ankle. August’s planned run was on the 1st, so that was moved to the 13th with hope that I […]

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I am now back at work after my four month sabbatical. I thought I would mind and have a real problem with returning, but I have reflected on what I have achieved while off, and have some plans going forward, so it’s not too bad. Achievements: Try new things – singing in public, stand up […]

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Black Phoenix

This was my first event with Phoenix Running. Adam ran his second ever marathon with them back in November 2015 and enjoyed it (I think) – I supported as per usual, walking along the Thames Path keeping warm in the cold. My second visit to this venue was very different!  I needed a half marathon […]

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Harvel5 2017

This was the third time I have run Harvel5 – a beautifully set 5 mile run out of a little village, into a country park and back again. Last year it was only a week after my first marathon, so I was slow and steady and just got it done. The highlight of last years […]

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Sabbatical Update: Weeks 1-3

I am now at the end of week three of my 19 week sabbatical. So what have I achieved so far? Completed Booked a holiday with Adam and my Mum (Rhodes in only a couple of weeks) A few household-y tidying – clearing the cellar, changing the kitchen door handles Lunches with friends/my Dad – […]

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