KonMari-ing from my desk

Today I just felt like I needed to declutter some stuff, and as I am at work, all I could do was: Clear my mailbox Create a new email address Drop a load of Facebook ‘friends’ Existing mailbox: I have had this since the late 90’s, so it is pretty full of stuff I want […]

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Roald Dahl Challenge-the race is on

Adam and I have signed up for the Roald Dahl Challenge – another Saxons, Vikings & Normans Challenge on 15th September at Samphire Hoe, where Adam completed his first marathon. This is the first race I have signed up to since before the marathon and I have done as I grew up loving Roald Dahl so to get a Dahl-inspired medal would be […]

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QTGTAHCW – week 1

> Quest to get to a Happy-Claire weight, week 1 If you read my Decluttering post you know I am making some changes. Some of this is house and job-related, some of it is body-related. This will not become a blog about dieting and food etc. so don’t run away yet, but better-eating is something […]

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The ABCs of Me

[Copied from The Running Rebel (who poached it from someone else).] A is for: Adam – my partner and my best friend. Nothing is good unless he is with me. We are similar in so many ways (family, how we grew up etc.) and we met at just the right time in my life (online). […]

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