Sweet Dreams Bailey

You came to visit for the night You stayed with Dad, Pep and Socks You watched as they walked into the woods A slight cough meant you couldn’t go with them You walked around the garden instead, keeping guard You saw them return and were glad You rested and slept, as they did too In […]

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Today was OK

Just a small update on yesterday’s post: the trip to the hospital did not yield horrific, life-changing news as feared. It was just a review, some updates and a chat about a new course of treatment as things aren’t getting smaller as they should be.  Relief all round.  It was a good long trip out […]

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Today has not been a good day.  In terms of the house, it’s been fine – Adam has done an amazing job of clearing the rooms ahead of the man that is coming tomorrow to break, then fix, some of our problems.  But I’ve not been able to help him as I have broken myself.  […]

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Mental Body Images

My last boyfriend (before the wonderful Adam came into my life) claimed to have body dismorphia. Whether or not he did, HE had a problem with his weight. I thought he was fine. He did not think the same of me. He did not think I was fine. He thought I was overweight and not […]

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KonMari-ing from my desk

Today I just felt like I needed to declutter some stuff, and as I am at work, all I could do was: Clear my mailbox Create a new email address Drop a load of Facebook ‘friends’ Existing mailbox: I have had this since the late 90’s, so it is pretty full of stuff I want […]

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Roald Dahl Challenge-the race is on

Adam and I have signed up for the Roald Dahl Challenge – another Saxons, Vikings & Normans Challenge on 15th September at Samphire Hoe, where Adam completed his first marathon. This is the first race I have signed up to since before the marathon and I have done as I grew up loving Roald Dahl so to get a Dahl-inspired medal would be […]

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