Bury to Clare 18

Our friend Jo lives in Suffolk, and we’d seen on Facebook that she was interested in the Positive Steps Bury to Clare Challenge. We’d not really considered it as it was the week before the SVN Jeskyns Challenge and Suffolk is quite a way to go. But in the absence of signing up to the […]

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The Final Countdown

This Friday I leave my job for 4 whole months. I have handed over massive chunks of my role to the very capable backfill that is now in place, I have repaid my season ticket loan to work, I have told family & friends… it is actually happening! I remember the moment, in that training […]

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April Plans

I managed to completely miss out March, but here is April: April: Date – we are off for two days for my birthday so am sure we will go somewhere nice during that Diet – stick with the yogurt & honey for breakfast, salads/low-carb meal for lunch, allow a bit of flex with dinner (for my […]

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Dartford Half Marathon

A number of people asked me why I was running another half marathon only two weeks after the Brighton Half, and I couldn’t tell them. It seemed like a good idea at the time; signing up for the Dartford Half, even though Brighton was already in the diary. But it was local, and had a bright […]

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